Nutrition Therapy & Coaching

You are worthy of finding freedom from eating disorders, emotional eating, chronic dieting, overeating & all disordered eating behaviors!


Do you...

  • Want to become a more competent, confident and joyful eater?

  • Want to heal your relationship to your body?

  • Feel like food, exercise and/or body concerns take up way too much space in your mind?

  • Desire to live an empowered life in alignment with what really matters to you?

  • Want to learn how to manage metabolic issues (like high cholesterol or prediabetes) without going on a diet?

  • Want to develop a sustainable approach and healthy relationships to nutrition and movement?

If you said YES to any of those, I invite you to apply for my 1:1 Nutrition Therapy and Coaching program.

Caroline posing and smiling in turquoise

I am passionate about working with people who want to find freedom within their relationships with food and body. I take a non-diet and health-focused (versus weight-focused) approach to nutrition therapy & coaching. I address all aspects of my clients’ health – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.


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How it works...

Depending on clients’ needs, I provide nutrition therapy (both individual & family-based), fluid meal planning, nutrition education, meal- and snack-time support, intuitive eating and exercise tools, nutrition tracking, as well as self-care tools clients can use for the rest of their lives.


I also provide the option to incorporate yoga, breathing and other meditation and mindfulness techniques  as valuable tools to help each client get and stay connected to his/her best teacher and nutritionist — their own body.

My intention is to compassionately support my clients in finding freedom from food & body issues, so they can live full and vibrant lives, aligned with their true core values. 


I provide my clients self-care tools and nutrition guidance to help them fully trust their bodies, and uncover their intuitive abilities to nourish themselves for the rest of their lives — in a sustainable and joyful way.

Ready to get started?

Complete my contact form and then we will set up a 10-15 minute free discovery call to make sure we are the right fit and then potentially schedule your initial session to start your healing journey.


  • 75 to 90 Minute Initial Session:  $175

  • 45 to 60 Minute Follow-Up Session:  $125


*** I do not currently accept insurance but can give you a SuperBill to submit to your insurance carrier for potential reimbursement.


Client reviews & testimonials...

“When I first reached out to Caroline, I was in a very dark, hopeless place. I did not believe I could ever escape my disordered thoughts and have a healthy relationship with food and my body. Caroline responded with the only thing that I could believe at the time – that I was brave, and I was not alone. Over the past six months, Caroline has empowered me to take small, significant steps towards healing. Through her patient and grace-filled manner, Caroline has helped me make life-changing revelations about the underlying causes of my disordered thoughts. She has showed me how to truly nurture myself and honor my boundaries in all areas of my life. Six months ago, living in peace in my body and mind seemed impossible. But Caroline is a healer, and she has given me this unimaginable gift.”


Anonymous, Previous Client

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