Helping you create nourishing relationships with food & body.

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I help people who want to improve their relationships with food, their bodies and movement. 


My clients, readers, students, and attendees feel empowered to nourish themselves in compassionate and sustainable ways, so they can live authentic lives, more aligned with their values and free from food guilt and obsession.


Online nutrition therapy and coaching for creating nourishing relationships to food, body, and movement.



Public and private online yoga sessions created to help you find peace in your mind, ease in your body, and freedom in your soul.


Science-based webinars and articles to help you learn practical truths about nutrition and wellness.


Meet Caroline!

I am a woman who spent much of her life thinking she had to live, eat, move, speak and be a certain way in order to be loved and accepted. 


Today, thanks to my own journey of healing my relationships to food, body and movement, I live a life that is authentic, imperfect and aligned with my core values.


Now, I feel called to help other people find this incredible freedom, too.

What others say about working with me...

“Working with Caroline has been nothing short of life-changing for me. Intuitive eating was something I had heard of in passing but assumed it was another diet that wouldn’t work for me. Little did I know that my journey with intuitive eating would begin the process of freeing me from two decades worth of damage that diets caused to my body and psyche. Caroline has not only been an excellent dietitian but she has also helped me better understand my emotional relationship with food as well. Caroline really tries to ‘walk in my shoes’ and is incredibly compassionate when I discuss past negative experiences with diets and fat-phobia.  It feels wonderful to have Caroline by my side during this journey and I would recommend her to anyone looking to improve their relationship with food and their body.” 


Joelle - Past Nutrition Client